Thursday, July 07, 2005

Live 8.

The Live 8 concerts were the most pointless concerts ever held. The performers said they weren't about raising money; they were about raising awareness. Well, they didn't do a v. good job, now did they, because most people probably don't know if they were raising awareness about poverty or starvation in Africa (and, yes, they are two different things). Actually, they were about giving countries debt forgiveness.

They concerts were purely masturbary efforts on the performers' behalfs. They wanted to improve their image. They wanted to be able to point to themselves and say, hey, look at us! We're not just rock stars (or rock star wannabees, in some cases)! We help the world!

But if they really wanted to help the world, why not raise some effing money off of these concerts? Even if they only charged $1 a head to get into the concert, that's $10,000 a concert (or more!) they could have donated to Africa!

No, the people in Africa don't get any charity from these concerts, but the artists sure do. For performing, every one of them received gift baskets filled with 1000s of dollars worth of gifts. That sure makes a lot of sense. I thought they were trying to help poor people, not themselves.

It makes me sick. I would say more, but dinner is ready.

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